I have a STRONG customer base in Los Angeles, NV and southern california. I have shot promotional modeling videos and photo shoots for a wide variety of people. I can work with anyone ,in any setting.

Im looking to expand in all areas and add a variety of looks not only to my portfolio but to established as and up and coming Photographer.

Ive shot photos for promotional clothing line purposes, portfolios, personal use. Not only am I great at capturing the beauty of the model or product. I have a keen eye for the lighting and background. Making every photo beautiful and unique in its own way.

I also do all my own retouching, so our ideas and visions remain ours from start to finish!

A photograph can tell many different stories when viewed by many different individuals. That’s the power of photography: a compelling story without the use of words.

Personal Photography : I’m embarking on new multi-media projects for high end clients and community base organizations. Looking to do graphic, photo re-touching, Demo reels, promotional reels and work with others in the industry and create beautiful pictures & projects in film.

Personal Potography includes but not limited to: Personal Pin-up style photosets, make-up not included but I can assist or find a make-up artise for your convience at additional charge, Prices starts at $175 for two sets.

Image examples

Full Photo manipulation Professional photo retouching & image editing CD/DVD/Book covers and layouts Flyers and Publicity RATES:

• basic retouch -Remove stains and spots on the skin -Change color and contrast

-Whitening teeth -Removing protruding hair $7 per image

• full retouch: -skin editing (natural skin looking, skin texture is visible) -blemishes removal -tone and color correction

-enhanced eyes -retouched lips,teeth,eyebrows,hair,etc. (color change, whitening,...) -correcting proportions of face and body (if needed)

-digital make-up addition $20 per image

• full photo manipulation: - Basic retouch - Background change - Full concept - Painted elements and details. - Make-up Airbrushing, Tattoos... - HDR Editing - Lighting effects - ...and many more

$40 per image

My Process *Send me a message and let me know what you want done *Send me an email with the Image *After your photo is retouched, you will be sent a watermarked copy of the image. *let me know if you want any changes made. If so, we repeat until you're satisfied.

Retouching Prices